The Division, personalization, and Commerce Something moves in the online of the new generation

by rakeshon July 31, 2014
There is still much for the launch of the new IP with seal of Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy, and although many are data that have already visited the press, we don’t even know much of what is to come. A couple of days Fredrik Rundqvist, executive producer of The Division, dispel some doubts in an interview […]
ubisoft far cry 4

Ubisoft axial: you can now invite your friends to play Far Cry 4

by rakeshon July 29, 2014
198 X In some corner of the planet… Wait, let’s do this right. First put an intro of a movie of the time either to enter atmosphere… that this work master of Zemeckis? Now Yes… Year 198 X, in every corner of the planet. The tuning of the team A on some lost TV sounds. […]

The Last of Us adds Instagram [PS4] Take pictures of almost everything

by rakeshon July 29, 2014
Have you already left The Last of Us for PlayStation 4? I what I know, I do not intend to buy it because I already played it last year. But this version has a great addition the Naughty Dog have introduced Instagram! With a simple touch of a button you can stop time, move freely […]


[Preview] Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 (PES 2015)

by rakeshon July 27, 2014
On the morning of July 3, 2014, Konami and development team in the series PES released full details of what will be delivering this year, it marks another turning point for the franchise, as it is the first on consoles new generation with the direct collaboration between Konami Oriental and European studies, and the second […]

The impeccable to relentless strategy of Bungie with Destiny

by rakeshon July 25, 2014
Bungie is doing things very well with Destiny, at least, in what refers to its marketing strategy. Since the beta was launched, rare is the web that has not at least three news about it, being the most common comparisons on quality video graphic from a console to another of their maps, hidden object… Best […]

Did Battlefield passed also to the development of three years?

by rakeshon July 24, 2014
Today, by one thing or another, Battlefield and Electronic Arts is on everyone’s lips. Before you explained you Vic on change of development to the new generation, and this theory that I lent Videogamer, confirmed practically by the own EA, does more than support as mentioned by it in its lines. Surely you recall that […]


Assassin’s Creed Unity will not have boats, is this good or bad?

by rakeshon July 23, 2014
Ubisoft has a vision and is committed to her.. One of the things that liked everyone Assassin’s Creed III (or perhaps the only thing) were his naval battles, which Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, by the navigation component and was more like a simulator of pirate a game of assassins, Templars and infiltraion; they reached […]

Impressions of the beta of Destiny

by rakeshon July 21, 2014
Destiny promises to be one of the year’s strongest releases. The shooter developed by Bungie and Activision is already in beta on PS3 and PS4 (this week comes to Microsoft consoles) and we anticipate you impressions of different people in our newsroom with the first hours of this title. From July 17 Destiny Beta is […]

Marked for Death finally comes to Titanfall on Xbox 360

by rakeshon July 21, 2014
The fourth major update of Titanfall, which adds a new game mode and several new features, finally comes to Xbox 360 after a significant delay with regard to Xbox One and PC versions. Better late than never, something that applies to almost any concept of life, and how not to Titanfall on Xbox 360 downloadable […]

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