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12 Games like Lego Universe

by rakeshon November 17, 2014
You’ve most likely been searching for games like Lego Universe following the time when the creators of the title being referred to chose to close it down for good. We have drawn up a rundown of some substitute decisions specified underneath which we think you may have a fabulous time playing also. They all have […]

[Review] The Evil Within

by rakeshon October 27, 2014
The Evil Within is overall a frustrating experience. Besides the gameplay being annoyingly slow, for what I can only assume is to artificially create tension, some design choices seem like they were made purposefully to create annoyance and discourage players from wanting to play at all. As if this wasn’t bad enough, the pacing is […]

Guardians of galaxy review on every count

by rakeshon October 19, 2014
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First, it’s really, really big. Like, way big. It’s so big that in spite of all the stars in it and stuff, it’s almost completely empty. Like that milk carton in your fridge that no one wants to throw out because there’s still a thimbleful of moo juice sloshing around but no one will drink […]


Far Cry 4 Video Game Taboos You Should Break

by rakeshon October 12, 2014
Far Cry 3 was a ton of things, however an account visit the energy wasn’t precisely one of them. To hear Far Cry 3 author Jeffrey Yohalem let it know, there were great aims putting the wind underneath its hang lightweight flyers, the komodo (and/or blood) in its winged serpents, however the final result was […]
lords of fallen

Preview-Lords Of The Fallen (thought of a HardCore gamer)

by rakeshon October 3, 2014
It’s hard to not quickly review From Software’s discriminatingly acclaimed Dark Souls arrangement in the wake of seeing Lords of the Fallen in activity. A slogan on the teaser trailer for the game beneath peruses, “Each triumph is conceived from annihilation,” as we see a defensively covered knight assault a manager adversary and bite the dust […]
ps4 tips and tricks

Tips and tricks of playstation 4 [PS4] for you

by rakeshon September 28, 2014
That flawless parallelogram has been cozy under your TV for various months now and you’ve presumably found different varieties of Tricks it can do. Anyway a huge number of software updates since release means you may have missed some crucial points. Notwithstanding a couple of E3 guarantees even now dealing with being satisfied, Sony’s eighth gen console has […]

video games as teachers

What did video games Teach me?

by rakeshon September 14, 2014
Games in themselves have been vociferously criticized for a long time as they have been considered to make the players couch potatoes by not involving any rigorous physical activity. This criticism is even true for video games and more so as they do not even require a “physical” opponent which at the least could have […]

11 Games like Bioshock

by rakeshon September 5, 2014
Here’s an article containing 11 games like Bioshock which ought to suffice for those who’re absolutely infatuated with the FPS arrangement made by the driving forces at Irrational. Titles from this famous first-individual shooter establishment are portrayed by their unimaginably freakish plots loaded with political and religious proclamations, their adaptable battle mechanics coupled with RPG […]

How To Record Phone Calls On your smartphone

by rakeshon August 31, 2014
In case you’re searching for an approach to record telephone calls on your cell phone, be it Android, iphone or Windows Phone, we’ve few alternatives utilizing which recording telephone calls is simply a click away or two. Be it an imperative meeting, or a said word that you’d like to keep ok for future reference, […]

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