video games as teachers

What did video games Teach me?

by rakeshon September 14, 2014
Games in themselves have been vociferously criticized for a long time as they have been considered to make the players couch potatoes by not involving any rigorous physical activity. This criticism is even true for video games and more so as they do not even require a “physical” opponent which at the least could have […]

11 Games like Bioshock

by rakeshon September 5, 2014
Here’s an article containing 11 games like Bioshock which ought to suffice for those who’re absolutely infatuated with the FPS arrangement made by the driving forces at Irrational. Titles from this famous first-individual shooter establishment are portrayed by their unimaginably freakish plots loaded with political and religious proclamations, their adaptable battle mechanics coupled with RPG […]

How To Record Phone Calls On your smartphone

by rakeshon August 31, 2014
In case you’re searching for an approach to record telephone calls on your cell phone, be it Android, iphone or Windows Phone, we’ve few alternatives utilizing which recording telephone calls is simply a click away or two. Be it an imperative meeting, or a said word that you’d like to keep ok for future reference, […]


A Look at the Sims 4

by rakeshon August 31, 2014
What has changed since the third part? All! Find out more in our material. The Sims is a game for people who aren’t particularly and addicted to video games. Your girlfriend, MOM, aunt or sister surely familiar with this tough for adults, even if their general knowledge of the gaming industry are comparable to the level […]

How to make your Android Phone smarter

by rakeshon August 28, 2014
Slowly and steadily, the technology market has seen various advancements from feature phones to smartphones to windows phone. The advancements took place until these pocket-sized devices did become capable enough for fulfilling everyday needs of the users and still improvements are on by the manufacturers. Android is being a great mobile platform, and it is […]

The Division might not be the finest as seen in the first episode.

by rakeshon August 26, 2014
In the past, Ubisoft’s Gamescom was The game show closed Division for media and associated only. Which many media owners were out to watch the big game together uniquely Justin Robey Sunset builders Overdrive that he said stunned until he was quite outstanding. But in fact, it may not be like that. Justin Robey is […]

TitanFall: Frontier's Edge

Overview TitanFall: Frontier’s Edge-chopper on the edge of “Frontier”

by rakeshon August 16, 2014
Respawn listened to criticism, so the new addition has turned more voluminous than the previous one. Here we will be able to visit the best resorts in the “Frontier” fry enemies with electric discharge and look at the huge mining complex. Ah, yes: even its titanium can now be a bit of spice. Our main […]

8 Best Cricket Games for PC

by rakeshon August 12, 2014
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Cricket is a wonderful sport and it has got many fans too. we’ve prepared this list of the best cricket games for PC You can just get them for your PC right away. All these Video games are most popular in among the fans of this sport in the past. But it not popular in USA and Eastern countries. As […]

Review : Lucy brizarre film

by rakeshon August 11, 2014
Lucy is a bizarre film. There is no other way to talk about this film, which does not summarize in that simple sentence, as simple as the strange statement that a human being uses only 10% of your brain, and if it could reach more, would be able to expand to heaven knows what horizons. […]

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