The Appeal Of The Toy Fire Truck

You will find when looking for information about the toy fire truck, that information is very hard to come by! Whether it be on the internet or in your local library, there isn't a whole lot of information to be found. So what I have found, I've compiled into this short article for you. So if you're looking for a toy for a child or a special antique to add to your collection, here is a good place to start.

I was surprised to learn that there are plenty of options available for toy fire trucks. For the young baby there are the soft play things for them to squeeze and chew. But as your child grows there are more sophisticated toys that include working parts, flashing lights and wailing sirens. Every toy store has at least a few different types but if you're looking for variety you can't go past online stores like Amazon.

There are those of us that don't wish to have our toy fire trucks trashed but are collectors of models. Collectors tend to be those passionate about the fire fighting industry and have a great attention to detail and an eye for accuracy. There are many forums on the internet, particularly those associated with model manufacturers.

The antique toy fire truck is a specialized area. There are 3 main manufacturers that produced the original cast-iron and then the die-cast models: Dent Hardware & Co, Hubley Company and Kenton Lock Manufacturing Co (known as Kentontoys). These toys were first produced in the late 19th Century and have been popular ever since.

So that completes just a small bit of information about the toy fire truck and their continued popularity even to this day. If it's a plaything for a small child, or a an antique for a big (meaning: adult!) child, my hope is that you may have learned a little bit more about the toy fire truck.


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